Just sitting in the room with Steve Hardison changed my perception of myself and the world. My head spun as I argued with my own limitations while sitting before me was a man who completely mirrored my amazing greatness and beauty. And the way he did it blew me away. My whole being was being flooded with his intensity, and passion, about all I am, have always been, and ways I could give my gift to the world. I have been changed with every meeting I have had with Steve. Not only by the insights about my life, but more importantly through the inspiration of the way he lives his. He lives it fearlessly, lovingly, and without apology. What a model! Thank You Steve, I love you.

Alison Arnold, PhD

Steve Hardison has an amazing gift for hearing and seeing things that others just don’t hear and see. He could listen to me for 5 minutes as I described a problem and then spend the next hour helping me to see the thinking that caused the problem in the first place, but more importantly, the thinking and the actions that would solve it. His coaching impacted every aspect of my life. My business profits soared. I found new perspective and strength as a husband and father. I soon learned that Steve had been so masterful in his approach that the principles and insights had not just been learned intellectually but had fundamentally changed who I was and how I thought and acted. I was even more amazed to see how quickly I gained the power to do the same for others. I became a more helpful and insightful friend and mentor in virtually every relationship in my life. It was so exhilarating to feel this new found power come into my life and I found great joy in passing it on to others in the same wonderful way it had been given to me. I am a more powerful, insightful and effective person because of my association with Steve Hardison. I am also a more kind and helpful and committed husband, father and friend because of the things I learned from Steve. Money was a small price to pay for the lifelong benefits that still make a difference in my life every day.

Reece Bawden

Steve Hardison is my life coach which means for me that he is my business consultant because he has taught me to do business as if it were the very music I loved the most. The beautifully creative spiritual poet Rumi recommended, "Let the beauty we love be what we do." Which is why at a recent seminar I gave on "100 Ways to Create Wealth" I rolled a piano out and sang, "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out." My life in music. I've written about Steve Hardison in many books. In 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself I said that I could write an entire book about Steve Hardison's remarkable work in coaching and consulting, and someday I just might. Examples of ways that he coached me to higher levels of performance are plentiful. But I think the greatest thing he has taught me is the value of coaching itself. Once you open yourself up to being coached, you begin to receive the same advantages enjoyed by great actors and athletes everywhere. When you open yourself up to coaching, you don't become weaker--you grow stronger. You become more responsible for changing yourself. In The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck writes, "The problem of distinguishing what we are and what we are not responsible for in this life is one of the greatest problems of human existence...we must possess the willingness and the capacity to suffer continual self-examination." The best coaches show us how to examine ourselves. It takes courage to ask for coaching, but the rewards can be great. The best moments come when your coach helps you do something you have previously been afraid to do. When Hardison would recommend that I do something I was afraid to do I'd say, "I don't know if I could do that." "So don't be you," he would say. "If you can't do that, then be someone else. Be someone who could do it. Be Brando, be Bruce Lee, be anybody, I don't care, as long as you do it." Steve's coaching contribution to my life is illustrated in these words by French philosopher Guillaume Apollinaire: "Come to the edge," he said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the edge," he said. They came. He pushed them. And they flew." And I believe these words by Rumi could also have been written by Hardison: Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don't open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don't go back to sleep.

Steve Chandler

Steve has been a force in my life for more than ten years. As a too-busy executive with a family which includes a Special Needs son – I was searching for a solid foundation, an infrastructure upon which to build my life. Steve helped me identify the things that are important; helped me learn from the best-of-the-best and helped me discard those things that are not useful. He continues to bless our lives with his support and presence.

Ruth Covey

I promised to share my experience of Steve Hardison speaking in London. Here you go... There was so much "build up" about The "Legendary" Steve Hardison coming to speak, and many had no idea what to expect - some thought they would be impressed. Hardison did not set out to "impress" the group. Instead, he simply shared his boundless passion to Love and truly serve the person in front of him. He started off by deeply and sincerely acknowledging some people in the room that had made a difference in his life... Starting with his wife Amy, who shared the stage with him - and even including people he had met for the first time earlier in the day, who came to hear him speak. Then he shared his secret to success... It’s in the "mundane miraculous magic of life unrehearsed" and how miracles are created by simply serving the person in front of him with no expectations or agenda. Serving and helping people solve problems in ordinary everyday moments. He referred to himself as a "Regular Dude with an extraordinary ability to Love and who loves creating." His magic formula for creating… Commitment. You can watch him speak about this here (the 2 hour version is recommended). Then he passionately encouraged each of us to be the “Best YOU that you can be.” He demonstrated how simple it is to make a difference in every ordinary moment. And, that’s what he does all day. This IS how he has created so many “miracles” and become a legendary world class coach. And, even at $150k a year to work with him, he has a waiting list and more people who want to work with him than he could ever serve in his lifetime. I am so grateful that on December 30, 2006, Steve took the time to talk with me and saw something in me that I was blind to at the time. Tears are flowing as I type. It was like Steve found my Soul in the “Lost and Found” and dusted me off and reminded me that I am here to shine. I’m humbled that as coaches we get to make such a profound difference. And I’m deeply grateful that Steve took the time to be with me that day. What if I never met Steve? There would be no Coaches That Rock and who knows where I would be…. Most likely wasting away in Victimville. Seriously. My heart feels sad thinking about all the people who missed out on meeting me back in the days when I was more obsessed with my money fears and how I was coming across than I was with simply seeing if I could make a difference and serving people. The message I would deliver from Steve’s talk is this… Be YOU. Your experiences make you uniquely qualified and YOU can serve others like NO ONE ELSE CAN. The more that you fully embrace your unique talents and skills as a coach, the bigger a difference you can make. No matter where you are in your evolution as a coach, you can make a difference. There are people seeking what you uniquely have to offer... What are you waiting for? Serve now.

Julie Blake

Imagine sitting on the edge of the universe looking into an unknown world that contains some life form. Imagine not having any idea what it is like there. No idea of how or if you would survive there. Then you have someone who says it is the most amazing place to be. It is life, it is beauty, it is truth, it is integrity, it is fulfillment, it is commitment, it is peace, it is completeness. Welcome to life after coaching with Steve Hardison. Steve, thank you for showing me how to live. I love my new life. I love you!

Brandon Craig

Steve Hardison has made an indelible imprint on my life—and on how I view myself and my opportunities. Insights I have gained through his coaching still resonate, day after day, year after year; and they continue to positively influence my thinking and my responses. Steve is an extraordinary man, with extraordinary commitment, and extraordinary ways of helping people discover more about themselves and their possibilities. For me, he is the Ultimate Coach.

Dennis Deaton

Steve, I have mixed feelings about finishing our time together – happy to have had the opportunity, sad to have it end. Thank you for all the gifts you have provided. But most importantly, thank you for helping Mary and I become even closer and more aligned. You will always hold a place in my heart. - Gary ////// Dear Steve, I do not know where to begin to thank you. The experience of working with you individually and with Gary has reshaped my life, my future, even my past. You have helped us create safety -- encouraging the sharing of thoughts and emotions. You have helped us to discover a pathway to a higher level of commitment to each other, our family, friends, co-workers, and especially God. Thank you for your powerful listening skills, your loving heart and your inexhaustible desire to be of service. - Mary

Gary & Mary Dyer

I have known Steve Hardison for nearly 25 years. During that time I have watched how passionate he has always been about personal transformation. He is always reading new books, doing workshops, attending schools and studying people and their nature in general. During the five years that we spent coaching with him our lives changed dramatically. Our eyes were opened to new concepts, ideas and ways of looking at the world that never would have occurred to us otherwise. We learned how to look at life and the challenges it brings with renewed enthusiasm and ways to solve those challenges with greater ease. Personally, Steve is a kind, generous and brilliant human being. He also possess an innate intuition that he uses to meet people wherever they are and assist them from there. He is a man full of love and a desire to contribute.

Camille Geitz

Choosing to have Steve Hardison coach me is one of the great defining moments of my life. Steve’s insights, observations, and challenges woke me up to a life of possibilities and wonderment. With that awakening and Steve’s masterful help and technologies I love my life. I now feel blessed to live in the realm of courage, capacity and joy. Thanks Steve for your significant part in my life.

Gary Geitz

Thank you so much for your inspirational flow today. I sit here attempting to absorb it all into my heart, mind, and soul. You are so wonderfully gifted. I thank God that we met and that you had the courage to challenge me. The richness of each day I have is greatly influenced by your valuable work with me. Thank you.

Gil Greer

My father was the President of a Rodel, a multi-million dollar corporation, when I was a boy. He then became a personal coach, changing the lives of CEOs, billionaires, athletes, actors, and more. But most of all, my father was always there for me as if I were his only “client.” As a kid I played competitive baseball – practically every day I was on the baseball diamond. My dream was to become a professional catcher, so I would spend hours in the Arizona summers catching and throwing, sacrificing my body to stop wild pitches, and improving my swing. It was at this early age that my father taught me how to create a future that I could live into. With a giant sharpie, we wrote on the back of my catcher’s mitt “THE VACUUM”. It was my new nickname because there wasn’t a wild pitch that I couldn’t scoop up or suck out of the dirt. I don’t believe that I was the most naturally talented baseball player on the first day of try outs, but I became the best simply because my father helped me believe I was the best. In my teenage years I became fascinated with skateboarding. My father being a very sought after executive didn’t chalk up my skateboarding experience as a waste of time or a misguided youth’s rebellion, but rather as an opportunity to grow closer to me. He bought a matching skateboard and went to the skate parks with me…and later broke his collar bone trying to go off a ramp. In my early twenties my passion for business exploded. It was finally time where I could be the business man going to my father for the coaching. He surprised me when he told me that he would be glad to coach me…if I paid the same fee as his other clients. It was a huge sacrifice and I had to really humble myself, but I decided to hire my father to coach me. The hours of coaching I spent with him has transformed my life. Thanks to my father, I developed the skills that have helped me build a loving relationship with my wife, close millions of dollars’ worth of business, and be at peace in a very fast pace world. All in all, my dad has been coaching me his whole life as if I were his only client, as if I were the only thing that matter. He has never tried to shape me to be something other than who I wanted to be, but rather has always helped me to be the best version of myself. And if for whatever reason I decided to leave business behind altogether and become a hippie, I’m sure he would be right there supporting me (in our matching tie dye t-shirts).

Blake Hardison

I am deeply grateful for your work with me (and us) and for your tremendous generosity of Spirit. Both Ron and I are profoundly touched by who you are and how you are with us.

Mary Hulnick

This past summer was the hardest, most exciting, memorable and most unforgettable summer of my life and I’m glad to say that you were a huge part of my success. I am so thankful I had the chance to work with someone that was also at the top of his game and able to relate to my  ambitions and way of thinking. You not only taught me how to overcome obstacles in my gymnastics but you taught me lessons that will help me  in life, long after I retire from the sport of gymnastics. I can't tell you how important and meaningful it was to learn how to control my mind. I am going to carry what I have learned from you through the rest of my life and hopefully I can influence someone else’s life with your teachings as much as you have done for me.

Carly Janiga

Here's who Steve is for me: Steve is the most fiercely loving person I've ever met. The combination of this much heart and this much power is too much for most people. But that's ok. He's not the coach for 'most' people. There are few coaches on the planet who create a practice by invitation and referral only—Steve Hardison is the best in the world. And when I learned of the incredible commitment that he requires from his clients, I KNEW that I wanted to create a way to be coached by him. He helped me understand the power of commitment, and to live life 'from' a committed place. I spent an entire year flying from Los Angeles to Phoenix for my coaching sessions. And slowly we shone a light on, and then stripped away, every belief and thought that holds me back. In their place we created an entirely new way of me showing up in the world. And the results have been incredible—in all areas of my life. Steve's clients pay $150,000 - up front. And then they need to fly to Arizona for their coaching sessions because Steve will only ever coach from his home office. He charges that fee not because he needs the money. He doesn't. He charges that fee because of what it draws out of his client. They have to tap into resources they never knew they had. They have to enroll their wife, husband or business partner in their outrageous mission. And they have to show up in a way that never seemed possible BEFORE they chose to work with Steve. They've got most of the value from coaching with Steve BEFORE they even begun coaching with him. It's extraordinary. Before I began working with Steve, I got clear that I didn't want to spend a year working on how to create more money. That wasn't easy, I'll be honest. But I didn't want to pay a lot of money to my coach only to learn how to make it back. So Steve coached me around the deepest stuff—why I've lacked confidence for so much of my life, why I struggled around money, no matter how much I earned, why I had a constant need for approval, why I couldn't even hear people's acknowledgements, why I'd show up as powerless, why I was afraid to be a leader. I'm still me. I still have doubts and fears at times but as Benjamin Disraeli once said, "We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance." And whilst I used to get that intellectually, Steve helped me truly BE a creator of circumstance. I am forever grateful.

Rich Litvin

From our first meeting there has been a profound shift, one that opened my heart and mind. Our work together helped me recreate myself and reconnect to the essence of who I am meant to be—a man who loves loving; a man who appreciates and relates; a man who is grateful for my life and all those in it; a man filled with energy and a numinous sense of the eternal...a man who lives large. Thank you, Steve, for your love and for helping me see the truth. You are a life force beyond measure.

Jim Manton

Thank you so much for all you have done for me over this past year. I really appreciate your genuine desire to assist me. Your level of commitment is such a great example. I have had so many enlightened moments and I am extremely grateful for everything I have learned! I consider it a great honor and blessing to be able to spend time with you each week. Thank you for always being such a great listener and for being so inspired. I cannot express in words how impactful these experiences have been for me. I will forever be changed! They have been imprinted in my heart and I will always cherish them! I appreciate your commitment to my personal peace and internal happiness!! I love all that we have created! I am TAOH!! I love the wife and mother I am today and I know it is because of our time together! Thank you for weekly giving me the greatest gift ever! Thank you for helping me to become the wife, mother and person that I love! I am excited for the upcoming year and everything that we will accomplish together!

Charisse Mask

Steve Hardison is by far the most power-filled coach on the planet. He has a huge heart and an amazing intellect combined with electric spiritual energy .The value he provides is exponentially greater than his fee. If you have a chance to work with Steve your life will take on a quality that is as rare as raw meat. You will not be the same. You will see the world differently and begin to see the world through a whole new lens. Having said that, the actions you will take will be bold. You will go do things and create things that you have been stuck on for years. Your life will become a fun adventure that is riddled with joy and results. If you should get an opportunity to work with Steve…take it… don’t pass go…take it. I don't know anybody on the planet that lives their life with as much integrity and enthusiasm as Steve Hardison. His work is an extension of his life. His world is opened from the inside out and thus my conversations with him, have always been life altering and powerful. I got ten times the monetary value from my work with him. Hire him.

Stephen McGhee

I believe that your incredible way of being and level of commitment is something that can only truly be understood and emulated through the experience and gift of spending time with you. I feel so blessed that I am one of the lucky ones on this planet who have had that gift.

Isla Morrison

Being coached by Steve Hardison is by far the most incredible and transformative experience of my life. In the past year working with Steve, I have grown more, accomplished more, and learned more about myself and my mind than I had in 33 years of an already rich, full, successful life. The insights and ways of thinking that Steve has shared with me are deep fountains of power from which I will draw for years to come. Steve is a man of his word. I have learned that I can always count on him to keep his word and do what he says he will. I am inspired by the values and principles by which he chooses to run his life and his business. Without a doubt, the value I have received from working with Steve far exceeds the value I received from my Columbia Law School education, which I prize dearly.

Ethan Okura

I met Steve just outside of London England when we were both 19 years old. We have remained very close all these years and he was then and continues to be, my dearest friend. I was at Steve and Amy’s wedding in 1977. They have both been a part of my life for over 42 years now. Steve has an incredible power of discernment. He can see it in your eyes if you’re in front of him and he can hear in your voice if you’re talking on the phone. He uses this ability to serve you. Steve is not about judging you. Bring what you are and if you are committed, he is there to help you. On his webpage he says his coaching is not for the “faint of heart” this is a gross understatement; bring a seat belt. Steve has a very unique ability to get right to the heart of the issue. I have seen him do this many times, in many situations. Steve helps you literally turn yourself inside out and see who you REALLY are. He doesn’t spend a lot (any) of time on the past. But understanding where YOU’VE come from, allows YOU then to address YOUR future. Steve unlocks our real story, and its real. Steve doesn’t have a boiler plate template he works from, he creates each session for each individual, on the spot as it happens.  This is his genius. I was worried what a “coaching relationship” with Steve would do to “our relationship.”  It has done nothing but enhance it and I didn’t think that was possible. Both relationships are very separate, and they never bleed into each other. Steve attracts a certain type of individual, one who knows every day counts and you only have so many days. In almost every instance his clients are highly successful, but they know something is missing in terms of their own personal fulfillment. If you are inclined at all to have this level of personal interaction, you will NEVER regret it. Be prepared to have your world altered.

Scott Parker

My experience with Steve Hardison, truly the Ultimate Coach, was exhilarating! What a new world he helped Justin and I create in our sessions…each time we’d come away with a new huge discovery, renewed and excited about a new life that was unfolding exactly how we wanted it. Sometimes he’d tell us things that were hard to hear - the hard truth, and all that was perfect about it. And then he’d help us find ways to question the parts that were causing us stress, and turn them into what we really wanted. Steve has a remarkable ability to understand who is in front of him and communicate to them in a way that they can hear it. He is true integrity. He is someone I always felt safe with. I knew I could trust him to go with me into the dark moments of my past and gently bring in the light, creating new truths where there was pain, placing new beautiful meaning into my present. He taught me how to find the beauty in reality, how to find what it is I truly want, and how to speak it into existence. He gave me tools and strategies to help slow down my pressed world (thoughts) and bring myself back to peace; tools to continue finding light and joy and beauty in each present moment. It’s hard to imagine what my life would have been like without these invaluable breakthroughs discovered because of Steve Hardison. How grateful I am for the blessing he continues to be in our lives.

Justin & Britney Rohner

Steve Hardison has captured the gift of fully engaging in loving service, and from that place of full engagement he carves out a dedicated space for each and every person he works with. It is true, as he acknowledges, that working with Steve is not for the feint of heart. He opens the door to complete honesty, complete authenticity, complete faith, and complete personal responsibility. He does not believe in limits and if there is a single gift that springs from working intimately with Steve, it is the opportunity to truly understand that the only limits that exist are those structured by our own thinking. I walked through the doors of Steve Hardison’s office believing that I was expanded….enlightened….evolved and ready to conquer the world but for a few useful business tools I knew he could “teach” me. At the completion of my time with Steve, I had tapped into a stream of inner resources and understandings that would open a new space for my field of living. How? By dispelling the old thoughts about limitations and lack, separation and differences, restriction and freedom. I have learned to live into my word, and I have learned how the world lifts up to meet you when you walk that high pass. Sitting down with Steve Hardison is like sitting down at the banquet of your own life. Every beautiful, delicious, exquisite morsel imaginable is laid upon this table, and you find, in short order, that the only strategy required is that you reach forward and take hold of any and all things of your choosing. The trick is to really know what it is you choose. Steve has a way of peeling the layers of story away to allow your own wise and unique truth to emerge. When you follow this unfettered call, as I learned with Steve, there is no way to escape the richness of full hearted living that has been waiting, patiently, all along for your attention. Steve is, indeed, The Ultimate Coach.

Carla Rotering

When I interviewed with Steve Hardison in Phoenix, Arizona, I felt somehow that his strong light had singed a hole in me. I experienced Steve’s light, his absolute dedication to me and my path while I was with him. For those two hours I was given his undivided attention, heartfelt listening, and unconditional support. In short, I was engulfed with love. There are very few places on this earth where that level of intimacy and trust are available to be mirrored back to us. That was my experience with every coaching session with Steve for about a year and a half.

To this day, I cannot fathom or explain exactly what happened throughout my coaching experience. What I do know is that something magnificent began happening. My experience now is that I am on some sort of “vertical trajectory” upwards. . . .Working with him is an exhilarating ride of a lifetime. I believe it only gets better from here.

Steve, I love and respect you. Your magnificence is luminescent. Thank you for all you are being in the world, and for the world. May your shining light be the beacon for others as it has been for me.

With grace, gratitude, much love, and many blessings.

Michael Schantz

Steve Hardison is for me a piece of heaven on earth. He has the ability to speak life into the process as it unfolds generously, gracefully, and elegantly. He has the willingness to sit with you in the deepest, darkest places of your mind as a powerful beacon of light. He has the ability and commitment to see for you what you do not have the courage to see for yourself. He has the insight and intuitive power to hear what you do not have the courage to hear and the uncanny knack to say what needs to be said so you can hear it. If I had one gift that I could give to every human being on the planet, it would be to have a coaching experience with Steve Hardison.

Iyanla Vanzant

I've had the privilege of coaching with Steve Hardison for two years now. Steve taught me that it’s not about expectations; it’s about passion...finding out what we love to do and doing it. We can invigorate and liberate ourselves with commitment and passion, rather than stressing and imprisoning ourselves with expectation and obligation. Everything is more difficult when we do it out of obligation and fear. Everything is easy when we do it out of passion and love. Steve never once told me I should or shouldn’t do anything. He taught me mostly by example, how to love myself for who I am, not for who I will be when I become something or someone. I am already a miracle maker, and I simply needed to know that. It’s only my own thoughts that stop me from “being” the potential that is already built within me.

Ken Webb