A Book of Being, entitled “The Ultimate Coach”



Dear Potential Reader:

As you may have noticed, there are no testimonials in this description imploring you to read this book. I vetoed that. The only testimonial I am interested in is the one you will have from reading and experiencing this book.

Please DO NOT read this book about me. Read this book about you. Read it about being. As you read, ask yourself:

Who would I need to BE to be a more loving person?
Who would I need to BE to be a more effective parent?
Who would I need to BE to create a level of confidence that is remarkable?
Who would I need to BE to be at peace with who I am?
Who would I need to BE to be fully in love with myself and my life?
Who would I need to BE to live the most extraordinary life I can live?

I promise you that if you read this book with the intention of expanding your state of being, you will do exactly that. Your experience will be remarkable.

Who you are Being is everything.

Loving you. Be Blessed. Be you.



“Steve Hardison is known in coaching circles, and business circles, and personal growth circles and any circle you can think of as ‘the ultimate coach,’” says Steve Chandler, renowned coach and author of forty books. “He coaches way beyond the normal concept of coaching. To call him a mere life coach is like calling The Beatles a garage band.”

To be coached by Steve Hardison is to have your world rocked. It is to explore the hidden corners of your soul. It is a journey for the lionhearted.

This book is not a self-help book. It is not a book about how to coach. But it is—as much as is possible without sitting in his office as a paying client—a way to experience Hardison’s coaching. It also provides a candid glimpse into his childhood, his trauma, and the things that nearly crushed him. It reveals his evolution into the highly sought-after coach he is today. And along the way it shares insights and experiences arising from Hardison’s interactions with prominent figures in the world of coaching and self-development, including Devon Bandison, Dr. Aaron Benes, Steve Chandler, Karen Davis, Dusan Djukich, Werner Erhard, Jason Jaggard, Byron Katie, Rich Litvin, Stephen McGhee, John Patrick Morgan, Michael Neill, Michael Serwa, Iyanla Vanzant and others.

But Steve Hardison would not say any of this. He would say this book is about BEING. It is ultimately about YOU.

So, settle into your favorite chair, open the book—and fasten your seatbelt.