Love Like That

20 July 2014
Meeting Steve Hardison for the first time awakened my soul to unconditional love
for everyone (yes, everyone!) and I will be forever grateful to him for this.
I sat with my awesome coach, John P Morgan, and my awesome apprentices,
Indy and Leah, on the Friday before the Prosperous Coach weekend intensive.
We were all excited to meet Steve Hardison, though I had no idea what to expect.
Saturday was amazing and then I felt a shift in energy on Sunday -­ a buzz in the
air and a sense of nervous anticipation. It was like someone had turned up the
setting on the ‘powerful’ dial. A number of extra guests arrived and so did a tall
man with sunglasses on. It was, of course, Steve Hardison. As he walked to the
front of the room, I saw him take a firm hold of John’s shoulders and say
something -­ it looked intense and heartfelt.

When Steve started speaking it was so quiet in the room, you could have heard a
pin drop. It was like nobody wanted to miss a word. As he spoke, I was
entranced. He showed real love to those he was thanking. He opened my eyes to
what heartfelt thanks really looks like. He showed unconditional love for strangers
on the street who he had invited. A stranger who really cared;; I was blown away.
I had not seen this before and I have not seen it since. The Greeks personified
love in Aphrodites. To me, Steve is the personification of love.

As Steve spoke of his beautiful wife, Amy, I felt the love and magic between them
hit me like a tidal wave. I sat in awe wondering how they had accomplished what
seemed to be extraordinary, fulfilling and unconditional love after so many years.
I realised in that moment that this kind of love was all I really wanted. My heart
began to smile at the prospect. The mutual love and respect was not only
inspirational but raised the bar on what I thought was possible and what I wanted
to make possible for me.

Steve acknowledged John by having him stand up beside him, which I loved. I
can only imagine how special it was for John. Steve said “for anyone living in or
near London, you need to hire this guy”. I nearly uttered out loud “I have!”
What really got me was Steve’s uncompromising message to “be you”. I found
this hard to digest and liberating at the same time. Hard in the sense that there
are so many inspirational people around whose success it would be so amazing
to emulate. Liberating in that it is so much simpler. I made up in that moment that
Steve was speaking to just me and was blessing me with his love. I wanted to be
the best version of me. I had never experienced anything like it. I came away
empowered to be me and make a difference my way.

After his talk, I was speechless and sat there with my friends reflecting. We were
all impacted by what we had just experienced. I queued up in a line to meet him
and had not planned what to say. I had tears in my eyes, as it was my turn to
greet him. Steve looked into my eyes and asked me “is there something you want
to tell me?” I simply replied “I have never seen love like that before”.
With love and gratitude, Steve, for blessing everyone so beautifully, wherever you