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The Legendary Steve Hardison
Interviewed by Julie Blake

Steve Hardison is an experience like no other and attempting to use words to describe him is like trying to explain how a painting or play touched you so deeply that its mere presence changed who you are – it’s beyond words. So instead of trying to explain why Steve is a powerful creator of miracles we will share stories of how his presence has transformed lives.

Hardison does not see himself as a creator of miracles, he simply is someone who has no boundaries as to how far he will go to be of service. In fact Hardison said “I nominate Stephen McGhee as the Miracle Leader every month, as he is projecting himself on to me.”

After hanging up the phone with my interview with Hardison tears flowed from my eyes and I just sat in silence in boundless love and gratitude. Until my 7-year-old son and both of my 4-year-old nephews came running out, and the only thing I could think to do was shower them with the same unconditional limitless love that I had just received. A love so powerful, pure and true that it gives people a knowing that it is safe to open their hearts and love and be loved – a kind of freedom and permission to be who you really are.

I could have easily missed this miracle by being busy and shooing the kids off so I could get this interview written. Hardison taught me that miracles happen by loving and serving people by doing one little thing at time – even just one smile at a time. I started to realize how much of life I had missed by focusing on the ever elusive “One big thing.” It became clear that this is all I get, this moment right now…am I going to be love and be of service or am I going to be too busy?

This one conversation transformed who I was being. I went from being the mighty “Project Girl” with a zillion things on my list to do – to someone who wanted to give others the gifts that I just selflessly received from Hardison. I found myself actually present in the moment wondering how I could be of service, how can my presence help others know to the depths of their soul that they are loved and already extraordinary?

It was like Hardison looked straight through my soul, like he knew me better than I knew myself. After the interview I found my deepest questions had been answered without any words exchanged about them. It was like my self-doubt melted away and was replaced with a strong knowing that I am on the right path and it is safe to show the world who I really am.

I really began to wonder if Hardison had magical powers? Maybe his magic comes from truly loving himself unconditionally and knowing himself so deeply that he has nothing to hide and no reason to lie – he always speaks his truth. When you combine his love and compassion with his pure intent to be of service it’s beyond your imagination…beyond your imagined limitations. Way beyond.

Something magical did happen – I started to clearly see all the ways in my life where I was not being honest with myself and those around me. But instead of beating myself up and feeling wrong – “I simply asked how I can change this?” How can I experience the kind of freedom and clarity that can only come from total integrity and honesty? It was quite profound for me to be motivated to by love to change instead of beating myself up with my fears.

Words cannot explain being in Hardison’s presence however I have been transformed because of him.

Here are a few more tributes to the miracles that Hardison has created..
“Before I knew Steve Hardison I was barely getting by as an advertising and marketing copywriter. I had never written a book or dreamed I could. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked into my eyes and convinced me I could fly. Now it’s 15 years later, he is still my coach, and my books and CDs have touched over a million people and are in more than 25 languages all around the world.

My book 9 Lies is being released in Thailand next month with a major national press conference attended by the Thai Commerce Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister who wrote the forward to the book. Not a bit of this would have occurred without Steve Hardison, to whom my 19th book, Fearless, was dedicated.”


“My telling about Hardison’s miracle creation is around “unreasonable requests. Steve Hardison told me in our first session:
Never be afraid to courageously ask for what you need and want.”

Like Byron Katie, who says that if we assuage our fear and are willing to ask up to one thousand people, the universe will conspire to give us whatever we want.

There’s an old NY expression, “Them that asks is them that gets.”
The miracle is that Steve has emboldened me to ask courageously. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone can say no, and with emotional independence, I can accept that, with or without a reason. But, what if they say yes? I receive.”

“Without fear, you can do anything.” – Byron Katie

“Ask and it is already given to you.” -Jesus Christ

“Giving and receiving are the same.” -A Course in Miracles


Steve Hardison “The Ultimate Coach” Joins the Miracle Leader Hall of Fame
by Stephen McGhee

We are honoring Steve Hardison and welcoming him into the Miracle Leader Hall of Fame. Anyone who has been in the presence of the legendary Steve Hardison will know exactly why. Steve has no boundaries as to how far he will go to be of service. To be in Steve’s presence is to experience unconditional love.

Coaching with Steve demolished my comfort zone. Our conversations revealed profound breakthroughs and made me a much better coach. Steve showed me how to create miracles and reminded me that I am a miracle, we are all miracles and we are surrounded by miracles – but only if we are looking for them and slow down enough to see them.

I was recently asked to contribute to the In the Company of Leaders book for the Toastmasters International leadership conference and I wrote about Steve Hardison and the power of his presence and the Herculean impact of who is being. Here is an excerpt from that article…

Steve came to the microphone and stood there soaking up the room. His presence was palpable. It was truly remarkable as his azure blue eyes glistened through his glasses at the audience. He stood silently looking out at all of us. While Steve was not looking directly at me, I could really feel his presence, and something began to shift in my body as if he was my very Soul was opening up my Soul … He was calm and powerful, relaxed and nervous all in the same breath. How can that be? There was raw power there. He wasn’t saying anything – not a word. The room was hushed and got grew increasingly quiet as we all waited for him to speak…a few people began to shift in their seats…. It was apparent that many people were uncomfortable with the silence. What would he say? Would he ever speak at all? The clock ticked…30 seconds. He looked out at us again, this time more fully…he connected more deeply. It was as if he was going deeper into his own heart…his own Spirit and as he went deeper I felt myself go deeper. This was so weird. “Say something”, I thought to myself. “I want you to speak. I want to hear what you have to say.”

His mouth finally opened and the words tried to come out. The first word was broken. He swallowed hard and began again. This time his heart connected with his mouth and his every ounce of being. His eyes filled with emotion and power filled integrity. He said, “My Name is Steve Hardison and I want all of you to know I LOVE YOU.”

The room grew quieter still as if they were in the calm before a hurricane. The hurricane did come immediately following that statement in the form of a thunderous round of applause which erupted as thousands of people gave a standing ovation for the powerful demonstration Steve had given us. He said very little and yet his five minutes spoke volumes to all of us.

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